Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering programme was started at ‘Nanasaheb Mahadik College of Engineering, Peth Naka’ from 2011 with an intake capacity of 60 students. As institute is taking hard efforts for the complete development, the discipline of Civil Engineering is boosting its speed of development. It has now proven when Shivaji University, Kolhapur sanctioned extra intake 60 seats to make the total 120. This is most valuable achievement for the institute. Also it shows that Civil Engineering is successfully maintained its position in science and technology stream since the ancient time to up till now.

Civil Engineering is the primary branch for human being as it deals with living and non-living organism directly-indirectly. The basic needs of human being are food, garments and shelter out of that food and shelter are basically fulfilled by only Civil Engineering from long time. This branch of engineering contains very huge area science and its sub branches. This stream of engineering deals with subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, applied science; structural engineering, surveying, geology, soil mechanics, transportation engineering, town planning engineering, water resource engineering, hydrology, concrete technology, etc are most important fields and parts of Civil Engineering. The seven wonders of the world are nothing but creativity and perfect application of Civil Engineering. It proves that Civil Engineering is very old branch in technology runs from Vedic time.

India has rich stock of ancient monuments from Mughal Emperor to recent King Chatrapati Shivaji Emperor. In ancient time the power of any emperor is decided by how much fort and architectural palaces, a King have. It proves and provides that this branch of Civil Engineering gives an identity to the person and make him smart to stand in this challenging world.

Nowadays Civil Engineering has changed its face towards more and more advance and developed means. The financial condition of any country is indirectly depends on the infrastructural development and transportation facilities. So Civil Engineering science is unavoidable part of all commercial and non-commercial fields. The use of this science is being compulsory in every field of day-to-day life i.e. from construction of house to construction of megaprojects like bridges, dams, canals, silos, power generation stations, thermal plants, etc.
Civil Engineering Department Laboratories
S. No.
Name of Laboratory
Applied Mechanics Lab
Basic Civil Engineering Lab
Concrete Technology Lab
Engineering Geology Lab
Environmental Engineering Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Strength of Material Lab
Surveying Lab
Transportation Engineering Lab

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