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The department of mechanical engineering is established in the year 2011. The present age demands Mechanical Engineers having capacity, capability adaptability and creativity in the new technical areas. Mechanical Engineers should have knowledge not only in their specialized area but also an interdisciplinary field as well. Mechanical Engineering focuses on the development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery. To meet the above requirements Mechanical Engineering Department offers the UG course in Mechanical Engineering.


To develop and transform students into technologically competent  graduates with a better understanding of mechanical engineering



  • To have better infrastructure and laboratory facilities for students development.
  • To have a qualified team of faculty members.
  • To impart quality education to students to build their capacity and enhance their skills.
  • To develop students for facing career challenges after graduation.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs):

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering Will -


 have the capability to formulate and solve various real life engineering problems with the better applicability of mathematical and engineering fundamental concepts.


acquire necessary interpersonal skills required for making effective and efficient decisions by understanding contemporary issues


acquire technical and ethical leadership skills with a socio-economic approach to have a successful career


engage in activities to enhance knowledge through self learning to become a lifelong learner

Program Outcomes(POs):

Mechanical Engineering graduates will be able to:


Apply fundamental knowledge from mathematics, science and mechanical engineering principles to solve variety of problems.


 Identify, formulate, analyze and solve mechanical engineering problems.


              design, conduct experiments and to interpret results obtained


use modern engineering and computing tools necessary for engineering practices


exhibit professional and ethical principles


Function effectively and efficiently as an individual and in a group with capacity to be a team leader with understanding of engineering and management principles


incorporate economic, environmental and safety considerations in designing engineering solutions


demonstrate competency in both verbal and non verbal communication in professional life


display capability to participate and succeed in various competitive examinations and/or seek employability 


 Understand impact of professional engineering solutions in social and environmental contexts


Demonstrate knowledge, understanding of the engineering as well as management principles to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments

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