Accredited With 'B' Grade by NAAC
    Approved by AICTE, New Delhi and recognized by DTE, Mumbai.
    Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur(Third & Fourth Year) and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere(First & Second Year)

Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department was established in the year 2011. Department has team of qualified faculty which provides the students good understanding of civil engineering solutions in a global, societal and environmental atmosphere.

Apart from conducting academic programs, additional seminars and workshops are conducted for the students as well as the faculty. The resources at the department, both library as well as equipment’s in laboratories to make easy teaching learning process and help students to grasp the theoretical concepts, their real time implications and their applications.


To achieve excellent standards of quality education by developing technical skills of students to meet the current and future challenges in civil engineering.

  • To provide quality education to prepare nationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in civil engineering.
  • To serve society and the nation by providing professional civil engineering leadership.
  • To find solution to community, regional and global problems and accept new challenges in rapidly changing technology.
  • To develop undergraduates to compete at the global level.
  • Establishment of Department: 2011

The educational objectives of the civil engineering program are designed to produce skilled engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the civil engineering profession and society.

PEO1 To apply fundamental technical knowledge and skills to find creative solutions to challenges and problems in various areas of engineering.
PEO2 To be able to practice civil engineering in a responsible, professional and ethical manner.
PEO3 To be able to implement eco- friendly sustainable technologies for the benefit of industry and society.
PEO4 To take up higher education & to engage in research and development in civil engineering and related areas of science and technology.

Civil Engineering graduates will be able to

PO1 Apply basic knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering to solve complex Civil Engineering problems
PO2 Tackle with upcoming challenging situations in construction world.
PO3 Demonstrate the ability to design basic structural elements or a structure that meets desired specification and requirements.
PO4 Design and develop safe and environmental friendly systems and their components to meet specific needs.
PO5 Design and conduct experiments for complex Civil Engineering problems to come out with valid conclusions.
PO6 Assess global, societal and environmental issues and consequent responsibilities belonging to Civil Engineering practice.
PO7 Understand the impact of Civil Engineering projects on the environment and the need for sustainable development.
PO8 Practice professional ethics while spreading the responsibilities.
PO9 Work in a team as a member or as a leader in diverse professional environments.
PO10 Understand and communicate effectively complex Civil Engineering activities through proper techniques, presentations and reports.
PO11 Apply management principles and understand financial aspects to Civil Engineering projects.
PO12 Engage in independent and lifelong learning in the relation of rapid technological changes.