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Mechanical Engineering - Guest Lectures

Mechanical Engineering

Name Of Activity Name of Resource Person Date/s of conduction Name of coordinator Level of participants Attended Number of student Attended
Control Engineering:
Bode Plot Analysis
25 Sept. 2017 Prof. J. M. Tamboli T.E Mech 103
Applied Thermodynamics:
Steam Turbines
18 Sept. 2017 Prof. M. S. Choudhary S.E. Mech 72
Fluid Mechanics: Boundary
Layer theory & Dimensional Analysis 
27 Sept. 2017 Prof. H. P. Gawade S.E. Mech 60
Engineering Mathematics-III Prof.Sangale
10 Oct. 2017 Prof. A. A. Jadhav S.E. Mech 70
PLC Programming Mr. Dinesh Dhumal 
Prolific Systems
10th & 11th March 2016 Prof. N. M. Sane B. E. Mech 60
Fluid Mechanics Prof. R. V. Pethkar 5th & 6th Oct. 2016 Prof. S. S. Kadam S.E. Mech 90
Refrigeration & Air conditioning Prof. V. N. Gandhe   Prof. N. M. Sane B. E. Mech 60
Control Engineering Prof.V.S.Ganachari
4 Oct 2016 Prof. J. M. Tamboli T.E Mech 130
Metallurgy Prof. P. J. Patil
TKIET, Warnanagar
4 Oct 2016 Prof. V. R. Shinge S.E. Mech 124
Finite element analysis Prof. R. M. Shinde
RIT, Sakharale
8 OCT 2016 Prof. A. A. Patil B. E. Mech 93
Power Engineering Prof. S.A.Urankar 12 Feb 2016 Prof.D.D.Patil B.E .Mech 90
Finite element analysis Prof.M.Jamadar 18 Sept. 2015 Prof. A. A. Patil B. E. Mech 84
Finite element analysis Prof.M.Jamadar 09 Oct 2015 Prof. A. A. Patil B. E. Mech 86
Applied Thermodynamics Prof. P.D.Kulkarni 14 Oct 2015 Prof.D.D.Patil S.E. Mech 86
Heat & Mass Transfer Prof. P.R.Kulkarni 17 Oct 2015 Prof.A.A.Khandagale T.E. Mech 109
Metallurgy Prof.P.J.Patil 28 Aug 2014 Prof.K.B.Patil S.E. Mech 89
Metallurgy Prof.P.J.Patil 13 Sept. Prof.K.B.Patil S.E. Mech 100
Metallurgy Prof.P.J.Patil 30 Oct 2014 Prof.K.B.Patil S.E. Mech 92
Control Engineering Prof.K.J.Burle 30 Oct 2014 Prof. J.M.Tamboli T.E. Mech 80
Finite element analysis Prof. K.D.Joshi 01 Nov 2014 Prof.A.A.Wargante B.E .Mech 24