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Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering - Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

Name Of Activity Name of Resource Person Date/s of conduction Name of coordinator Level of participants Attended Number of student Attended
Career Guidance Mr. AmitMedhekar 25/07/2018 Ms. S. R. Mohite B.E. 33
Preparation of Off-Campus Ms. Aboli A. Mane 11/09/2018  Ms. S. B. Shete B.E. 21
Wireless Networks Mrs.V.G.Koli 13/03/2018 Mr. M. A. Patil B.E. 33
Optical Sources & Detectors Mrs.V.G.Koli 13/03/2018 Mr. M. A. Patil T.E. 24
Modulation Techniques Mrs.V.G.Koli 13/03/2018 Mr. M. A. Patil S.E. 13
Internet Of Things(IoT) Mr.Sagar shinde 28/02/2018 Mr. P. D. Desai B.E. 37
Recent Trends in Electronics & Telecommunications Mr.Ajinkya Lohakare 20/09/2017 Mr. P. D. Desai T.E.-B.E. 21+29
Measurement:An Industrial Perspective. Mr.S.G.Kumbhar 20/09/2017 Ms. R. B. Thombare S.E. 17
Packet Tracer Simulation Ms.Shweta Patil 11/09/2017 Mr.A. C. Bapat B.E. 21
Skill Development Mr.Amol Acharekar 01/08/2017 Ms. S. B. Shete T.E. 29
Opportunity of Medical Related Projects Dr.Gorakh Mandrupkar 03/08/2017 Mr. K. V. Patil B.E. 35
Advance Carrier in Networking Field Mr. Maheshkumar Lakade 27/02/2017 Mr. P. D. Desai B.E. 61
PLC Mr. Dinesh Dhumal 03/02/2017 Mr. A. A. Salunkhe S.E. 29
Not To Be Engineer Graduates, Be An Engineer Mr. Rakesh Chougule 27/01/2017 Mr. A. A. Salunkhe B.E. 51
Z Transformer Prof. Vinay  Mandlik 08/10/2016 Mr. M. S. Ingavale TE 30
Emerging trends E&Tc Engg Prof. Prasad  Nagavekar 23/09/2016 Mr. R. B. Shelke BE 55
Emerging trends E&Tc Engg Prof. Abhijeet N.Pulekar 23/09/2016 Mr. R.B. Shelke BE 55
How to Solve Example Of Control Syatem Prof. Gajanan S. Shirnewar 22/09/2016 Mr. R. B. Shelke TE 45
Emerging trends E&Tc Engg Prof. R.T.Patil 26/07/2016 Mr, S. P. Magadum BE 37
Combinational Logic Design, PLD architecture,FSM Mr.K.V.Patil 10/03/2016 Mr. P. D. Desai T.E. 48
Trees and Graphs Mr.N.M.Chavan 04/03/2016 Mr. R. B. Shelke S.E. 58
Technical Aspect of monochrome and color TV set Mr.Purushotam Gore 25/02/2016 Mr. M. A. patil B.E. 34
Image Segmentation Mr.S.P.Gawade 27/01/2016 Mr. A. A. salunkhe B.E. 48
Automation Mr.Dinesh Dhumal 25/01/2016 Mr. M. S. Ingavale T.E. 58
Flip Flop & applications Mr.S.M.Herur 15/10/2015 Mr. S. P. Magdum S.E. 43
Error Control Technique Mr.S.S.Basavaraj 13/10/2015 Mr. A. R. Pawar T.E. 64
Cryptography And Network Security Mr.S.T. Jadhav 05/10/2015 Mr. R. B. Shelake B.E. 32
Transient Analysis Mr.S.B.Katkar 30/09/2015 Mr. P. D. Desai S.E. 42
Bode Plot, Rout  locus Mr.Kushal Choudhari 30/09/2015 Mr. A. R. Pawar T.E. 62
Embedded Processor Mr.S.B.Joglekar 24/09/2015 Mr. K. D. Patil B.E. 33
Mobile Ip Mrs.S.S.Shinde 23/09/2015 Mr. A. A. Salunkhe B.E. 37
Job opportunities in water management Mr.Sagar apte 16/09/2015 Mr. P. D. Desai B.E. 33
Laplace transform Mr.Vikas Mane 14/09/2015 Mr. M. S. Ingavale T.E. 78
Selection of Project Mrs.B.V.Dhane 07/08/2015 Mr. P. D. Desai B.E. 48
Project Research Mr.Mahesh Mudholkar 05/08/2015 Mr. M. S. Ingavale B.E. 34
Transmission Lines Mr.Gaurav Bongale 26/04/2015 Mr. M. A. Patil S.E. 26
Trees and Hashing Mr.R.R.Jagtap 13/04/2015 Mr. R. B. shelke S.E. 74
Baseband transmission Mr.S.S.Basvaraj 08/04/2015 Mr. A. R. Pawar T.E. 33
Error Control Technique Mr.S.S.Basvaraj 04/04/2015 Mr. A. R. Pawar T.E. 34
Image Compression Mr.Arjun Nichal 03/04/2015 Mr. A. A. salunkhe B.E. 20
Advance TV System Mr.Purushotam Gore 02/04/2015 Mr. M. A. patil B.E. 20
Wavelet Transform Mr.Vikas Mane 30/03/2015 Mr. M.S.Ingavale T.E. 38
Pulse Modulation Mr.S.S.Basvaraj 28/03/2015 Mr. S.S.Joshi S.E. 70
FSM Design Mr.S.P.Patil 24/03/2015 Mr. R. B. Shelke T.E. 33
Trees and Hashing Mr.V.M.Bugade 14/03/2015 Mr. A. R. Pawar S.E. 48
Timer And Counter Dr.S.B.Patil 16/10/2014 Mr. K. D. patil T.E. 36
Counters Mr.Ashish Chougule 16/10/2014 Mr. S. P.Magdum S.E. 64
Radar System Mr.S.S.gurav 06/10/2014 Mr. M. A.Patil T.E. 21
Filters Mr.P.D.Desai 06/10/2014 Mr. A. R.Pawar S.E. 57
Wireless LAN Mrs.S.S.Shinde 23/09/2014 Mr. M. S. ingavale B.E. 17
Oscillators Mr.A.S.Mali 23/09/2014 Mr. A. A. Salunkhe S.E. 36
Real Time Operating System Mr.S.B.Joglekar 16/09/2014 Mr. K. D. Patil B.E. 16
PLD architecture and Testing Mr.P.P.Kotekar 05/04/2014 Mr.R.B.Shelke T.E. 22